It is always the left’s fault

This is the story that gets repackaged over-and-over about how it is the left’s fault that conservatives are doing something. Again.

If you voted for Trump and still support him, you really won’t like this article. If you are one of those people who say “Hillary lost because liberals….” — you probably won’t like it either.

It doesn’t “play nice”. It doesn’t pretend that “if liberals would just stop….” everything would get better because conservatives would settle down and stop trying to attack us.

If you are a Trump voter who really is a moderate (and I don’t mean ‘for a Republican’), realizes now that voting for Trump was a Yuge™ mistake, and are actively working to reverse this disaster, this isn’t really aimed at you. You might find it interesting. Or not.

It is aimed at those who think they can ‘shake the hand of the devil and then say they were only kidding.’ If you think going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ over his election is ‘good enough’…you really aren’t going to like this.

Given that I’m expecting SOMEONE to like this article (why else write it?) and given that those someones are presumably who it IS written for…who are you?

You are probably a left leaning person who has been feeling beaten down by conservatives and some liberals who spend all their time telling you that it is YOUR fault that Trump won the election. That if liberals ‘had only…’ then conservatives would have magically seen the light and voted for Hillary instead. Because conservatives only exist in opposition to nasty, impolite, disrespectful liberals. That you should give up on your ethical standards and beg the conservatives to let you in from out in the cold where you put yourself.

Bullshit. It is abuser logic: “You made me hit you.”

The people doing that are playing on your empathetic instincts to make you doubt your own eyes about what is happening.

It’s a type of gaslighting:

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief. — Wikipedia

Abusers gotta abuse. And it doesn’t matter how many eggshells you walk on around them, you’re going to get hit for some slight. Such as breathing. And that isn’t your fault. It is the abuser’s.

So listen up. Don’t feel guilty about being angry. You SHOULD be angry.

We Have Angered The Gods

We (the left) are told should feel bad because it upset the conservative right wing when we didn’t nod politely when yet again they tried mightily to screw us. We might be alienating the moderates by calling them out on it and saying they are bad people for not blocking the right wing from its never ending effort to make sure America is safely White, Christian, and Straight. And run by men — of course.

Guess what? I didn’t notice the massive majority of the conservatives getting all broken up about how the right was was alienating the moderate left by calling us vile names, calling us criminals, drumming up hysteria about the Muslim Threat, the Gay Agenda, Mexican Rapists, and Transgender Predators In Bathrooms. Outright stating we are obviously anti-American and should have our citizenship revoked.

Naw — that was all ‘just politics’: You damn sensitive snowflakes. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Yada yada.

I mean it isn’t like anyone takes that rhetoric seriously?

“Hate Crime Reports Surge Across America Post-Election”, The Gothamist, Nov 15th, 2016
Photo from death threat to me, 7:10 am, Nov 20th, 2016

I personally received an anonymous death threat in the weeks after the election. The person delivering it had to work at it to find a way to deliver it to my personal facebook account because I don’t allow messaging from people who aren’t a ‘friend of a friend’. Yeah — they found a loophole in my facebook privacy settings (since closed). They covered their tracks by immediately deleting the account they sent it from after. The account existed for less than a half an hour.

If by some random chance you happen to know this man, I would be happy to report him to the police.

Movement Conservatives embrace racism as policy?

As they’ve done unwaveringly since, well, forever?

“Aide says Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies”, CNN, Mar 24th, 2016

The Southern Strategy, The War on Drugs, and continuous (yet never evidenced) claims of massive voter fraud which can be conveniently fixed by making it harder for minorities to vote and purging them from voter rolls. Jim Crow laws. Redlining.

Three-Strikes, Zero Tolerance, Stop-And-Frisk — all of which, somehow, ended up targeting people of color in wild disproportion in practice. Talk about Welfare Queens (a dog whistle for black people), Protesters being paid by Soros (a not-so-subtle anti-Semitic dog whistle), Thugs (yet another dog whistle for black people).

Tampa Bay Times, Feb 13th, 2017

But it is the fault of Black Lives Matter for daring to challenge endemic racism by protesting. It is the fault of the left for “registering millions of illegal voters” (meaning completely legal minority voters who have been targeted for disenfranchisement by conservatives). It’s the left’s fault for allowing refugees from Muslim majority countries into the US.

Weird how we never hear about modern conservatism as a movement fighting against racism instead of finding creative ways to add to it. And no — white liberals are not by any means racism free. Racism is structurally endemic to society and liberals are as embedded in it as anyone. But they are at least TRYING to move society in the correct direction as a movement.

Unlike movement conservatism, which is trying to throw the social gearbox into reverse and grinding those gears hard to get there.

Conservatives trying to wipe out Planned Parenthood?

Just like they have tried to do over and over and over for the last century?

New York World, August 28, 1941

It’s the fault of those damned (in the literal sense) pro-abortion liberals advocating for on demand late-term abortions (a lie that never seems to go away). Never mind that the heated attacks on Planned Parenthood by conservatives pre-dated any abortion services by many decades.

Never mind that abortion is only a small fraction of what PP does. Never mind they provide infertility services to people trying to have children. Social conservatives have always opposed Planned Parenthood. They just keep hunting for a reason to kill it that will survive the courts.

Conservatives trying to deny women their rights?

The New Mexico Political Report, Jan 24th, 2017

Talks by GOP leadership (not just rank and file) about how women are just “hosts” for babies who must have a male sign off on any abortion (Repub. lawmaker in Oklahoma). How women shouldn’t ask for equal pay for equal work because it would hurt men (GOP Vice-Chair, Wasatch County, Utah). Posts of ‘jokes’ about violence against women by Republican lawmakers (State Rep. Jim Lucas of Oklahoma). The sexism that flows almost unchecked from the Republicans is stunning. It literally slaps you in the face when you check Google news for Republican controversial statements about women.

And that isn’t even bringing up our Molester in Chief, “Grab ’em by the pussy” Trump. He’s just the (pardon the expression) tip of the iceberg that is conservative dickwaving misogyny.

But you know — that is all because left leaning liberals have made life tough for Good Upright Conservatives by pushing women to flaunt their sexuality with immodest dress, bitchy pushiness, and promiscuity. How can Good Upright Conservatives be expected to keep their fucking hands to themselves when confronted with women outside the kitchen who don’t know their place and don’t dress like nuns?

Conservatives attempting to explicitly legalize bigotry against LGBT+ people?

It’s the fault of the left for supporting those damned (again, literally) “faggots” and “bathroom predators” who are trying to corrupt the youth of the country by pushing for acceptance of LGBT+ people. And the liberal courts for overturning centuries of legalized bigotry.

The Most Extreme Republican Platform in Memory, New York Times Editorial, July 18th, 2016

How dare they demand not to be locked out of jobs, housing, medical care, public accommodations, government services, marriage, adoption, having their name on their child’s birth certificate, inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights with their partner, and all the other civil rights everyone else has simply by virtue of being a citizen of the US.

How. Dare. They.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if the conservatives don’t approve of it, it is the left’s fault the conservatives oppose it.

The excuses of “but if you didn’t get in our faces about it we wouldn’t push back” are just that: Excuses. When shown the direct evidence that something they are using as an excuse to oppose the left is false — they either completely deny the evidence or just switch to a ‘parallel construction’ of a narrative that still justifies their position without admitting the real reason they oppose it. And they do it again when that excuse is in turn shown to be false: Rinse-lather-repeat.

I’ve been told more than once by self-identified ‘moderates’ that most of the hate attacks after the election “were proven to be hoaxes.” Evidence for their assertion? None. In fact, it is likely the attacks were massively under reported with many times as many never being officially reported at all.

I’ve personally contributed to funding efforts to help people who were the victims of attacks get out of red states to simply protect their lives. People are abandoning their communities and their homes. Tell me again how many conservatives are running in actual fear for their lives from blue states?

Civil rights for minorities have rarely been achieved in the US by PERSUADING the bigots to stand down. They’ve been achieved by raising the pain of being a bigot too high for the bigots to withstand.

Bigots should be publically shamed and made to feel their opinions are not acceptable. Because they are not acceptable. My existence and civil rights are not an acceptable subject for you to “debate”: Ever.

You should feel ashamed if you think my rights and my existence are an acceptable trade (or worse, a bonus) for getting an anti-abortion US Supreme Court Justice via electing a racist, wanna-be authoritarian dictator, as US president.

And no — I WILL NOT apologize for that.

For you, the left leaning person this was written for

Be angry. Be really angry. Use that anger to drive political change. Show up to townhalls. Show up to city council meetings. Show up at protests. Destroy your Representative’s phone line by calling and telling them: “This. Isn’t. Ok. I expect better.” Vote.

And don’t ever let the bastards tell you “It’s your fault” for what conservatives do: Abuser’s gotta abuse.

When you are tired and beaten down. When you feel like ‘I can’t do this’. When you start thinking “What’s the f’en point”: Know that the rest of us are here to do our turn at the front lines while you rest, heal, regain strength, and remember how to laugh. None of us have to, or even can, do this alone or without rest. Nor should we try.

For you, the people reading this who while not the intended audience have still ploughed through it

If you are a liberal who has been trying to ‘mend fences’ with conservatives thinking that, against all historical precedent, they will ‘see the light’. Good for you. If you can manage that trick you will have done a wondrous thing.

But don’t ever try to tell the people who are being injured everyday by the conservatives hatred of ‘the other’ that it is “their fault” for what the conservatives choose to do. That they should just grit their teeth and take the abuse of a system that honestly would often rather see them dead.

Not ever.

Lastly, if by some chance you are a Trump voter and you made it this far without closing the browser window and yelling at your dog about those damn whiny liberal snowflakes

You can admit you made a horrible mistake with Trump, and work hard to fix it: Welcome to The Resistance. Glad to have you onboard. I do not agree with many of your positions. But I am happy to have you as an ally fixing this catastrophe. When the boat is sinking I’m not going to yell at anyone willing to help bail water.

Or, if you can’t look in a mirror and admit Trump is trying to spin up a right wing white nationalist dictatorship and that it IS at least partially your responsibility to fix, then you get to listen to this instead: “Fuck. You.

We’ll fix it without you.


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