Internet of Training: Agent Based Homework Reminders So You Finish That Coursera Class

Remember the elation on signing up for that Coursera coding class? Your dreams of finishing your Snapgram app even before the course finishes, publishing it to the app store and retiring by the age of 27. The first class was awesome, you were able to make a little dog run around on the screen. The second class you watched three weeks later. You cannot start the third class because you haven’t done your homework…

You signed up for a MOOC! Let the good times roll, except when there is anything you’d rather do than your homework….

But magically, as you are sitting on the couch Saturday watching the northern British Columbia summer curling championships, your phone and wearable start going nuts. Working together, they figured out that you are wasting time and wouldn’t it be great if you spent 30 to 60 minutes doing your homework. That combination of activity sensing, calendar awareness, location tracking all came together to let you know how much of a lazy butt you’re being. Since the only way to shut off the alarms is to actually go to the site and work on your class, you dutifully shut off the television just as your favorite sweeper takes the ice and log into Coursera.

Within minutes you find your flow state and the dream of early retirement is that much closer to becoming a reality.

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