I Love You The Way You Are Webdev

We code. Our deliverable is code. We easily forget we’re more similar than we are different.

We, as a web community, are kinda like chefs across the globe. Each cooking with tools. Each fulfilling meal orders. Etc etc..

Some orders are short, some take years to finish.

Some orders take a team, some can be fulfilled by 1.

Some chefs fine tune tools all day, some throw tools away, or some haven’t changed a setting on their tool in 20 years.

Some chefs bring in shitloads of gadgets, some just need a knife.

Some chefs work in the front, some work in the back, some shift between, some do all.

Some chefs have 1 hour to make the dish, some have 1 decade.

Some chefs don’t have much choice, some have too many choices.

Some chefs care more about the customer than they do themselves, some don’t have time or money to care about anything other than themselves.

Some chefs may go in and out of caring, some may fight for caring.

Some chefs were that type of chef last year, now they’re this type of chef this year, & some have been 3 chefs in just this year alone!

Some chefs cook by the book, some cook by feeling.

Some chefs will never change, some chefs never stop changing.

Some chefs love it, some hate it.


Some chefs. Some orders. Not all chefs. Not all orders..

None of these differences make the chef not a chef.

Remember more about what we share. How we organically and naturally move through various chef roles, phases, strategies & tactics. How the tools we use can be perspective opening conversation pieces, not dominance establishing conversation pieces.

Remember how nuance feels loud, trends sound permanent, and fights feel heated.. to us. To the outside world, it all very much looks like we are creating problems and stress for ourselves lol. Maybe, instead, we should revel in our opportunities, potentials, and similarities.

Currently, I want to be metaphorically a sushi chef web dev. After cooking with old and new tools, with this, and with that, alone, or with others.. There’s a shape I like to take at work and it fits the work I like to shape. I’m not better than anyone lol, just nestling into a place I can sustain. I estimate it’ll change, that seems to be a constant on the web. I’ll change with it, it’s more fun that way to me.

Whoever you are, in whatever phase you’re in, encourage other’s to code.