“Income and Achievement ”

Nowadays, the youth especially students are thinking how to earn money, but I think they should care about how to achieve. They are so active and can work hard to achieve through which they can easily earn money, respect and power. I am not saying to do everything in a perfect manner, unfortunately we all are humans which are obviously not perfect, so how can they perfectly do anything? Instead, we should at least try to do efforts. Some people always criticize on your efforts and will let you down, may be try to pull you from achievements. But, always analyze yourself by your own, if you find any mistake in your self try to accept and change it.

This maybe lead you to success and will provide you the best motivation to achieve anything in your life. Parents are the only source to earn the knowledge about “how to live”. Your first achievement was, when you took a first breath after your birth. Everyone has some achievement which are either acceptable for others or may rejected by others but never take your steps back, only if your want to achieve.

“Always think for the Betterment, forget about the Income, it will surely Increase”

Arham A.Siddiqui