Informational Interview

I have an informational interview of Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad who is an Account officer in Rupali Group Lahore. He was as nice as he gives me his valuable time. I was really inspired after taking his interview and I think that it’s really helpful for me to know the actual business situation within the market.

I know Mr. Ishfaq personally and when I call him to take time, he was busy and after one hour he call me back and ask me about purpose of my call. I briefly introduce to him about Amal Fellowship and then I came to my point and request him to give some time for informational interview. He said that I am little busy, if you want to take informational interview, call me tomorrow at 9 o clock. I thank to him and next day before call, I prepared my notes about questions which I want to ask him.

Next day when I called him, he welcome me and said to ask anything which I want to know about business and his personal job. I started my conversation by asking first question about his Job Company and status of his job. He said that he provided services as an Account officer in a Rupali group. My next question was about his Salary. He said that his company gives him 25000 Rupees against his services. I asked about his career enhancement and opportunities in his firm in near future. He replied that he is working in a multinational organization and great opportunities are available in near future for his career enhancement. When I asked him about his Job environment he said that you can make environment better for you by yourself, I asked him how? He said that if you give respect to your seniors and make a close relationship with yours collogues and Boss then you feels very secure and easy in your job. I said to him it’s interesting to tell me more about your job. He said that I am working in Rupali since last year and I feel very secure here and when I was starting I was facing some difficulties and my salary was also 15000 but with the passage of time, I know how to work then it’s really easy for me to continue my work. He said to me there are a lot of opportunities available in the market if you work honestly then you can get benefit from these opportunities. I want to ask many more questions but I realize that he is busy in his work so I conclude my interview by asking him about my future in his eyes by seeing my qualification. He said to me that your master of commerce is near to complete and its better for you to search different jobs and take experience then apply for Dubai where your career opportunities are more bright, he said that if I want to work in Pakistan then think about service sector because Pakistan is now service providing country and many jobs are also available for my relevant education background. At the end I said it’s really important information which you give to me I really thankful to your time and valuable advices.

So dear readers I was a great experience to take informational interview as now, I am able to make my mind about my career and also it gives me really clear direction about my future. I really inspired about his point of view, as I learned that determination and honesty in work is a key to make promotion and success. I learned that I will make my effort to search a jobs in services departments which are really important because before it I was thinking about the one and only option of my career which is Industry sector but after it I realize that service sector also have many opportunities.

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