Learning about my abilities from my friends

I had a great experience to know about myself in the eyes of others, as my friends discuss with me about my strengths and weakness. It’s really enables me to know myself exactly who I am. I made request more than ten close friends to identify my pros and cons and also share different stories in different occasion. I am really thankful to my friends for their valuable comments. I have learned a lot from this experience as I am not aware different strengths and weakness which I have. Before discussing and reading my friends comments I thought that I am perfect because I am doing my work at my best, but after reading comments and deeply think about myself, I realize the deficiencies of my personality and I need to work for removing such obstacles.

I am surprise to know myself because its totally different as I think before realizing myself through the eyes of others just as; my one friend told me that you are really a reserved person, when I asked him how? He told me that when all friends made some plan for fun and outing you always refuse them as you say I’ve to complete my work rather than joining such time wasting activity. I am surprised and think about this and I remember that yes I refuse them once. So it’s surprising for me that they care for me that’s why they always ask me when they make plan for outing and now when I ask for my strengths and weakness they mention it.

My best friends identifies my some strengths which I was not aware before , like; one of my friend said that my talking style is very polite as it attract others to listen my words attentively. I deeply think about this strength and I am really surprise than yes in different occasion I attract different people toward me when others failed to get their attention.

My friends told me about different skills which I have just as; Attractive personality, Positive criticism, Conscious about value of time, Good management skills and know how to handle the situation.

I feel different after this experience as now I know different skills which I have and also I identify the problems which I need to cover. I receive different feedback and suggestions about my carrier and my cons that really helpful for me to resolve these problems and also after this I am able to make my decision more accurately either about my career or my personal life.

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