Thank You, Bridestory!

When I decided to make the jump from advertising industry to world of startup I was quite startled by the difference of work flow and methodology. Coupled with being tasked to define then new product set to launch in a couple months surely made me feel like I entered a whole new world.

There were times when I forced myself to put on a calm facade even though deep down I panicked due to my lack of familiarity with making wireframes in Illustrator or creating stories in JIRA. But I started to find the rhythm and soon knew I made the right decision.

Through 14 months of being a part of Bridestory, I’ve witnessed the product I handled went through changes and iterations (for the better of course). It’s far from a walk in the park, with figurative tears and blood involved, but looking back I see how far it’s come along. Perhaps this is what watching your child grow feels like.

I consider myself lucky to have.. had a job where working (mostly) doesn’t feel like work; met people, old and new, with good sense of humor (and terrible one, you know who you are); and a chance to explore and expand my understanding of this industry. I am certain this experience will prove to be an asset in this upcoming journey.

Thank you Kevin, Emile, Bro Doni, Zindy, and Daniel for the opportunity. Thank you product, marketing, developer, QA, and Hilda team for the awesome collaboration: Ivana C, Dona, Kak Gina, Theng, Elisa, Elroy, Tari, Ignes, Bernadette, Illya, Grace, Livia, Dini, Bro Amang, Husein, Ridhwan, Midzi, Ibnu, Rizal, Zendy, Reta, Bobby, Andiny, Riyan, Bro Andi, Mas Della, Nikent, Nanda, Gisel, Ivana T, Dina, Angie, Tasha, Arum, Samantha. And thank you everyone who I might have missed mentioning here for having me.

It has been a pleasure and I’m surely gonna miss working together with you guys.

Keep making dream weddings possible!


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