I see a lot of people make blog posts, Facebook updates, instagram tributes, and tweets about their favorite actor or musician. I am all for that; I believe we should show support to them. However I have found one issue with most all of these posts. They are made after the person is dead.

We always find we need to say something to the recently deceased. I wonder how many celebrities forget the impact they have on people because to them fans are paparazzi and tabloids. They don’t see the outcry of love that gets poured out on them because it doesn’t get poured out until they are dead.

I have chosen to forgo that and say thank you to one of my favorite actors of all time. Dick Van Dyke you are simply one of the greatest of all time. Marry Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will always be classics. My personal favorite will always be Robert Petrie of The Dick Van Dyke Show. So many hours you poured in to that show and it was always hilarious. It never got stale and was entertaining as any show I have ever seen.

You are remarkably healthy but your age is higher now and your time may soon come to end. You may still have many years left in your life or you may only have a week from some unforeseen health complication. No matter when you die just know you impacted so many lives.

I hope you see this. I hope you don’t slip past this earth without hearing just one more time. You are one of the greatest actors of all time and I thank you for choosing to entertain so many for so long. Thank you for the laughs.

I tip my hat to you good sir.