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Leipzig liest

Jellybooks is doing something novel for the Leipzig book fair under the motto „Leser besser kennen lernen“ (“Get to know your readers better“).

We are organising a multi-publisher reader analytics campaign for Leipzig in partnership with several of our publishing partners participating jointly. Some of them will be dipping their toes into the reader analytics data lake for the very first time.

It is also an opportunity for publishers who have not used reader analytics before to test a title or two (back-list or yet to be published):

i. curious about reader engagement, or

ii. want to test “packaging” or cover for an upcoming title

iii. want the extra publicity/attention (reviews etc.) for an upcoming book

iv. or maybe a book that has not quite caught on/is being ignored by the trade and where the publisher is curious to find out why

Jellybooks will have a stand in Halle 3, where will also have sweets (jellies), but only for those who readers who can show us that they signed up and synced their reading data. There is also an (unconfirmed) rumour that Jellybooks will also have cupcakes at the stand for Jellybooks publishing partners.

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