Pear Therapeutics was the first fully digital therapeutic to win FDA approval for it’s addiction recovery app (only cocaine) based on a paid cohort study where it admits that efficacy without using incentives has not been studied.

Pear Therapeutics reSET trial: $400 incentives given per patient who sustained engagement. But, as they admit… “the benefit of reSET without the use of contingency management incentives has not been evaluated.”

Better+: $200 paid to participants if they lasted 3 months. Study reports they bought testers on Facebook & Craigslist and paid them if they sustained limited engagement and entered in self-reported biometrics.

But, once they stop paying patients, they don’t use these platforms because they…

Tonight I felt the cold company-killing fear of being delusional…my startup was passed up again for gum. I rarely drink, but had 2 cocktails tonight…loosening up this blather of weird honesty and pep-talk catharsis.

I can see the movie so clearly…the story of the underdog, radically innovative, hard-to-describe yet so easy to use & HELPFUL startup that has to scrounge up money while cash flows to formulaic co’s that take little risk, offer little reward for anyone except a fear ridden investor hoping for the next Dollarshave club. A world dry of innovation, rich with copycat scardy cats.

Our heroine (me goodfrickendaminic — a short, not-young woman, and if asked, a mom. If my skin were not so white i’d be ultimate underdog) goes to SaaS conference where she meets 3 different ridiculously well funded underwear subscription services. Because why? Dollar fucking shave club. …

Enough — it’s obvious by now that apps are as addicting as crack, with people walking into traffic, off cliffs, not eating, etc. — and industry is not going to police itself. Brilliant minds like Tristan Harris and the people working on this is an echo of your ethos— sung as an #angry #designer, #mom and #spouse.

We’re all basically a drug dealer’s bitch, and his/her name is Instagram, WeChat, Fortnight, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc. etc. You know how addicted you are if you’ve lost your phone or looked around you in any major city. …


Ariel McNichol Langer

Co-founder & CEO