First Day In Mexico!

First of all, bare my English writing. I am not an native so probably there will be a bunch of mistakes in my grammar and spelling, but I am sure you will understand what I wrote.

2 months ago, me and my friend Vania decided to go YOLO before our capstone (graduate thesis) starts, that’s why we are having this amazing trip now, began from NYC- Mexico City- Cancun and end in Cuba, it gonna takes the whole month we have for our summer vacation. This trip will be different from what I had before, because it’s not only gonna be relaxing, shopping and walking around all the tourist attractions, we will interview with locals to see how tourism affects the local culture and get to know their true culture instead of learning it from museums or Lonely Planet.

Well, that’s all the academic side of my trip, if you want to know more about cultural preservation, check our capstone website (not exist yet, but it will be).

Here, I want to talk about the fun side in my trip. Do you know Mexico City smells like coconut milk? No, it doesn’t, it’s just the scent I smelled when I got in the taxi in airport. To be honest, I didn’t felt anything special about the city, its just like other big cities that with busy traffic, modern buildings and Starbucks everywhere. And it kinda reminds me of Shanghai and Taipei where I used to lived, that’s a result of globalization, which no one can against it. The best way I found to experience authentic Mexico is through street foods. We had our tacos breakfast here and it’s amazingly testy! (Place: Colonia Polanco)

And we had tacos for the rest of the day lol. (Place: random restaurant on the street)

Besides tacos and all the yummy street foods you can find on the street, I highly recommend the anthropology museum for your first day in Mexico. We learned so much about the Aztec and Mayan civilization there, and the museum is so beautiful, you could spend your whole day there, just to indulge in the history and culture.

I am glad we had a tour guide to walked us through the history in a story telling way, instead of reading the label. This is how you get to learn the fun and unknown part of the history. For example, I wouldn’t know in the Mesoamerican ball game it’s the winning team get killed in order to honor the god. Wahtttt? What wants to win then in that case?

So far I am in love with the history and foods in Mexico, and wish to see more in the following days! Now, I am just gonna call it a night and go to bed…