The Magic of Sharing

good morning :) in this article I would like to explain what I’m doing now, and what I’ve done. Before, I was taking an undergraduate and graduated in 2013, and until now in 2016 I have worked as a Java programmer, as long as 3 years experience whatever I do is always useful to my office. any overtime that I live always I give to my project. I came home rarely see the sun and waisted my time in my work world.

But here I will not go into detail about what I lived, reason I think there are many people who have experienced the same problem with me, trapped in the world of work and hadd less time to share with others. I want to emphasize the word of sharing. by sharing then we will continue to learn, in addition by sharing then we will make benefits not only for ourselves but also for others.

If this sounds like a theory ? of course not.

I’ll give a small example of how sharing will give happiness. I used to become a multimedia teacher and share knowledge that I know, where I teach about 20 people and I still remember I talked about how passion should be found and I clearly said being a success teacher is when his disciples came over and said that he had already exceeds the teacher , and who would have thought, one of my students, taking undergraduate of multimedia in Japan and five years later he came and spoke that one of inspiration came when he was studying with me, and of course he has far exceeded my ability.

That’s the point.

No matter how great you are, when you do not share it to anyone else it would be useless. Currently, many companies recruit employees who have social value. Hard skills are also seen but it will be an advantage if someone has contributed to others. If I connected with the world of IT, you can begin to participate meetups in your city, be the speaker, starting writing in blogs, ect. One of the teachers at the my current hacktiv8 web dev courses has proved that by writing a blog only he could go abroad and share his knowledge to others.

So what you waiting for, start sharing :)