My Life Mission

Help them to smile is my motivation.

My name is Ariadne Mazutti, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Mexico; I wanna tell you something of my life, I live in a beautiful country they are a beautiful places, people, traditions and culture, but like in all countries we have some problems too like immigration, bad and goods rulers, neediness and more.

Some people just speak about that but I have a question what they are doing to round off with the problem? Well, maybe what am I doing it’s no very much but “little by little we can make a big changes”, remember we are one we live maybe no in the same country, city or state but we live in the same world, thye children are the people of the future and we have to teach them to be solidary, honest, responsables and always shared.

The mission of my life is help and I know it’s one of my mission because I feel alive when I do it and the most important thing is that I love to help without expecting anything in return because it’s for sure my cup of tea.