Awaiting — always!!

For many of us life begins and ends on waiting. It pretty much sums up our lives.. isn’t it?

As I wait in the waiting room of my worthy Vicechancellor, with a daily in my hand and set of documents, a glass of water on the table and eyes fixed on an extra large sized clock hanging on the front wall; a deja vu is felt and I begin to write this account.

For almost all of us ‘wait’ is a perpetual struggle. The very moment we come into this world, unending and exhausting wait for one thing to happen and next to not begins. From newborn’s early struggle to await for mother’s milk, to favourite present, to best school, to college degree, to marriage, to a lucrative job, to raise a family — until death do us apart. All is wait.

In all this ostensibly difficult struggle, a person finds himself either captured in past or anxious for future. Present is taken as a tunnel to either land onto dream future or to revisit past. In all this what’s left out is our this very passing ‘NOW’..

In reality all one has in existence is this very moment right now, right here, that will soon become a memory to be replaced or reinforced by another coming moment. Coming. Soon to come. Here it is.. And thats how we usually see our end.

With due respect to our perpetual quest and waiting marathon. Its not as bad as it seems. In its essence, its important too. It gives us a sound tution of patience and tolerance — indispensable for life within and without. However, it only becomes hindrance when taken to extreme mode of existence. Afterall,a few speed brakers are necesssary to arrive at a destination safe and sound. Its only problematic when either too few or too many detrails the ride to home. The middle ground is primarily whats needed. The understanding and arrival to that is a quest in itself to be discussed possibly at some other waiting room.

For now, lets await few minutes more here .. me and you together..