Life brings us to this question more often than not. Its common to fall down to it whenever life gets tough. Usually when struck with setbacks, losses, deprivation, stagnation or depression — “why me?” seems like an apt response. The events preceding such a question are usually unfavourable ones, and therefore the reaction to it is arbitrary. It is a state where emotions heavily cloud cognition and a person is reduced to a narrow tunnel of hope.

Then the question arises, why is it so important to visit such a reaction. Afterall a setup deserves an equally appaling payback. Much like acting on Newton’s third law of reaction. Only that in this scenario, at both ends — receiving and delivering — YOU suffer.

On a higher level, it distraughts one’s relation with higher forces. The question in itself reflects arrogance, uprightness, and stubborness. As if putting the entire blame on Almighty and coming clean from affair. Seemingly, liberation from self responsibilty and introspection. By putting it off, it not only creates more difficulties, it also aids in undermining individual blessings bestowed in life. So end effect is to bring back more losses than what incurred in first place.

On a more subtle and personal level, this parochial view adopted feeds on our selfish whims. In many respects, this state is where id structure of Sigmund Freud’s unconscious mind overpowers the superego. Resultantly, early and easy fulfillment is favoured over long term and relatively permanent satisfaction. This parochial view of loss and gain, cost and benefit, addition and subtraction creates spaces not only between higher forces and individual self, but also within self aswell. It profoundly brings about gaps in our spiritual and temporal makeup. In absence of personal harmony and peace at inner level, seeking similar at outer and worldly level is futile to say the least. Furthermore, under appreciation of whats still present creates negativity that fills the gaps and helps them in widening them apart. Overall, a person finds oneself unable to come out of such self-created mess that is further reinforced by pessimistic thought process.

Moreover, when life blesses you with uncountable and unearned blessings, in those times, such a phrase is seldom heard. When life is generous, “why me?” takes a backseat. So let it still be the case when things are on low and slow move. More importantly, appreciate what you still got, focus on what you still can, and live by to aspire, inspire and to accomplish.

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