Butcher Paper + Spreadsheets

We sat on the floor; butcher paper, markers, and budget spreadsheets between us.

“Okay, but when you’re 85 and you’re asked to speak about your life’s work, what do you want to talk about?”

“Oh that’s easy: creative process.”

I’m not sure this is how most partner strategic planning meetings take place, but it works for our team of two.

Maybe it’s because we’re friends first business partners second. Or maybe it’s because our ultimate goal is to create a business that feeds our values and inspires our spirits. Or maybe because deep down we’re just nerds who like to do art projects. Probably it’s all of the above.

Either way, it was right then, that day on that floor, when I was reminded why I am so madly in love with our work.

For me creativity is not just artists and paint brushes. It’s about expression and innovation. It’s about freedom and vulnerability. It’s about risk and adventure. Ultimately I believe that creativity is the expression of your essence manifested in form.

Or more simply put, creativity is the application of your unique point of view.

Being creative is not tied to a modality, but rather a way to approach the world. Because of this I don’t think it only a gift bestowed on few. I believe that all humans are creative beings and all of us have artistry within us. And when we step into this artistry, this creative flow, we shine. You’ve seen this. You’ve felt this. It’s magic.

But being in this place of expression is a process. It’s all too easy to get stuck, stifled and hold that creative prowess back. So how does one go from a tiny spark inside to full expression? To be honest I have more questions than answers. But then again I guess I have 50+ more years to explore them, and this little medium account (my very own laboratory) to begin investigating.