News Review #3

Story Description

“Is Miss America Relevant or Offensive?” by Beth Greenfield examines the cultural significance of the Miss America pageant in this day and age. It’s easy to call it outdated, and from the parade-like swimsuit competition to the lack of diversity among contestants, it arguably reflects the values of a bygone generation. Greenfield attended the show in Atlantic City on September 11, where Miss Arkansas was crowned, to see for herself how and why the pageant is relevant. She also spoke to some contestants to get their opinions.

Why I Chose This Story

I chose this story for a few reasons. It landed on my radar because I like the Yahoo News page on Facebook, so I saw it on my feed. It particularly sparked my interest because while I do enjoy watching the Miss America pageant for the glamorous aspects, I do agree that it may reflect superficial values. Furthermore, I don’t think those values are representative of young women today. I was interested in reading about someone delving into the topic.

Social Media Reaction

There’s quite a bit of vitriol in the comments underneath the original story. Referring to the author’s suggestion that the swimsuit competition be cut, people are arguing that eliminating the beauty component of a beauty pageant defeats the purpose entirely. On Facebook at the time, it had 455 likes and 147 shares. There it generated a lot of conversation about feminism as well.