The Mermaid Skeletons Day at The Beach

Once upon a time on a bright sunny warm summer day, two beautiful mermaids decided to go ashore. Although they had been warned not to go on the land or sand. For it was very dangerous, for mermaid meat was special delicacy in the town off of the shore. Like many young of their kind they did not listen and wanted to feel the sand beneath their tail and the sun on their face.

They swam ashore and sun bathed on the beach, laughing and giggling the day away. So busy with their girlish stories they did not hear nor see the fisherman behind the rock, lurking spying and ready to strike. For mermaid meat fetched a mighty price especially the skin, with which the town purse make paid a mighty sum.

The fisherman tip toes across the sand with a harpoon in hand, he strikes! It was fast and fairly painless. My, he was happy for the tails on these to were especially beautiful one being a royal blue and the other a teal green of the sea. The local purse maker did indeed pay a high sum for these tails were very unique and of high quality, rivaling any that had yet to be seen.

The purse maker tooled and crafted all night long so the next day the bags would be displayed in the shop window for all to see.

The Blue leather mermaid purse
The Teal Mermaid Handcrafted Leather Bag

Let this be a lesson to little mermaids who disobey for if you do not listen you may become mermaid skeletons by the sea. I hope they enjoyed their day at the beach. For now they are earrings to adorn lobes of the wealthy villagers wives in town.

The Mermaid Skeleton Earrings

The End