The Four Great Challenges

The four great challenges include globalization, terrorism, climate change, and demographic change. There are many different issues in our world that makes life complex. Because of globalization, our world is much more connected than it has ever been. Terrorism can also communicate in various different ways, which is why we have to be a lot more cautious. Finally, climate change and the demographic change has a lot that can change the way of our population.

Globalization has improved through transportation and telecommunication systems, which allows us to be connected in such strong ways. “Some commentators see globalization as a largely positive - and clearly unstoppable - development” (Miller, 3). Terrorism has been going on for a while now and will continue for many years. Terrorism has improved because of the technological tools and mass transportation in many environments. As far as climate change, in the past few years everything in the environment has also been changing especially involving plants and animals. People today contribute through energy, gas, and much more. Because of the constant changing demographics, it creates different types of challenges of communications with others.