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Before the days of social media, we were armed with our personality and a business card. Networking meant going out and selling yourself to potential connections and perhaps potential clients. Now networking has taken on a whole new meaning, where your Linkedin, Instagram and Portfolio says more about you than your winning personality. Here are some ways that you can build your online Personality (read: Brand):

Pick your Niche

What’s your thing? Are you the traveler? The foodie? Or the obscure Russian author reader and nihilistic quoter? No matter what you’re into, make sure you identify it.

This is what you are passionate about. Not quite sure what that is? Take a look at the last 5 photos you’ve taken or saved. What are they of? Are they photos of cute puppies? Ok, you’re the animal advocate. Are they of your awesome meal prep? Ok, you’re into culinary creations. Are they stupid memes you’ve sent to your friends? That’s cool, I mean fuckjerry has 12M followers on Instagram. …


Ariana Rizzato

former china expat, mba, techie, beer drinker, adventure seeker. more at

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