Religion in Public School

As of today religion in society plays a much less role than it did half a century ago, especially in public schools. A hot topic that’s still being debated on today is if religion, specifically prayer, should be implemented back into public schools. For this blog post I’m going to be discussing the argument for bringing religion back into school. Back in the early 1950s religion in public schools was actually even required and a big part of school. Supporters believe religion should be in school not only for the spiritual benefits but because it helps develop psychologically and helps moral development.

Recently there has been a rise in school shootings, increase in drug use, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, and HIV transmission. School prayer has proven to raise morality and supporters believe bringing back prayer in school will ultimately combat these issues. Religious teachings help people reflect on themselves and make a distinction between right and wrong. Of course morality still can exist without the structure of religion, but religion also helps promote that there are consequences for your actions. Religion also teaches values of honestly, loyalty, kindness, trust, fairness etc., these values are overall good for the civility of people. Supporters believe it just helps lead people more into the right direction.

A recent study has also found that religious children have an easier time acquiring knowledge since they’re more likely to believe in fictional tales. Believing in fiction and having a creative mind can be beneficial in brain development, it allows children to be more engaged and enhances capacity for cognitive flexibility. It also helps kids develop psychologically. Psychologist Dr. Erika J. Chopin wrote that kids need to believe in something grater to be able to fully push themselves to excel, and that religion can increase their motivation.

Lastly it helps students learn more about themselves. A study done by the IOSR Journal of Humanities and social science found that religious classes helped kids learn more internally about themselves through learning how they felt about God and religion. According to supporter’s religion can also help combat against depression, an issue a lot of students deal with while in school that drastically influence their work, religious prayer helps by believing that there is a higher being and something larger than yourself and makes you feel better about being part of a larger culture. To conclude, the main argument supporters use to bring religion back into public schools is for the psychological and moral benefit to students by teaching moral values, increasing brain development, and self psychological development.

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