Religion in Public School

Religion being implemented back into school is quite controversial and I’ve seen the supporter’s perspective for it, but the amount of opposition I found arguing against it is also overwhelming. Reoccurring strong arguments I found for opposition against implementing religion back into school was for violating against the rights of the people, and also because it just has no place in school.

First of all, opposers argue that implementing religion in school would violate the first amendment of the constitution, in which government shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion. School prayer also violates separation of church and state. Advocating prayer in schools would just be unfair and unjust, the public school system is supported by all taxpayers therefore is should remain neutral. If specifically, Christian prayer were to be allowed than prayers of all religion should be allowed as well, opposers believe it’s not right to force a religion onto students who don’t associate with that religion and have their own beliefs, implementing religion would greatly increase separation between students.

Another main argument against religion in school, is that the purpose for school is ultimately to educate. There’s no need to implicate religion as well, places for prayer are at home or at church not in a place for higher learning. Also with the adding or religion and prayer in school it would only add more of a struggle in teaching and monitoring religion when its not there purpose to do so. American schools already struggle to be able to teach evolution, which is scientifically proven, we shouldn’t add more to to our future generation to reject facts. Prayer and religion can still exist in school but in the minds of students who practice it, we don’t need to force all students to.

To conclude, opposers believe implementing religion and prayer should be left out of public school education since no formal prayer can honor all religions worldwide it is better to be left at home, and ultimately has no purpose in a place of learning and would only cause more problems.