The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!

Whenever you feel it is time to leave it may be a signal that you are not part of something anymore. Leaving a friendship, a marriage, a job, a city… these things acquire a different meanings through out the years and maybe the time has passed.

This passionate feeling that gives us the strength to continue when everything seems to go wrong also vanishes, then it is time to move on. We just need to find something else that brings the same sort of emotion, making us feeling alive again.

All the knowledge, the fun and the adventures still might bring a nostalgic feeling, though. Everything that is revealed about ourselves along the road is valuable. Broken hearts do not necessarily need amends, misfits do not necessarily need adjustments, as leaving does not necessarily mean forgetting.

Life is so much more than what our eyes can see and what our hands can hold. Living is so much more than eating and breathing. Togetherness is more than coexisting and interacting. We can do all those things without being a part of anything and feeling lonelier than ever.

Keeping some distance of the things we are used to, from the people we see everyday, changing our routine, all that make it easier to understand why we are discouraged. Having a new perspective brings a renewal to our minds and energy to start anew. Changes aren’t bad at all! In fact, they even help to confront our convictions and be more creative.

There is a deep sorrow in living something that we are not really part of. Being consumed by something that no longer bring fulfilment nor passion to our lives. Does it worth to persist in something to prove it has not failed? Even if it doesn’t make us happy anymore?

I don’t believe there is one path to happiness. There may be thousands of them and we can choose more than one on the same time and change our choices at anytime. Leaving is just the beginning of a new road towards our minds and souls.

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