In 30 minutes

In thirty minutes I quit my job. In thirty minutes I get into the first flight to Myanmar. Is there lipstick on my teeth? I see people walking on the streets. I notice people driving cars. In thirty minutes I hit the road driving to the sunset. I’m moving to Sarajevo. I meet the man of dreams. Then I remember he is just a dream, so I divorce him.

In thirty minutes I become a lesbian, a lover. In thirty minutes I have three orgasms. I’m a liberal, a capitalist. In thirty minutes I have a beer and I write an article. Check the messages from work. Fuck! I forgot something. I miss the beach. Where should I go on my next vacations? I should eat meat again. Love this song. Want to go to the movies this weekend.

In thirty minutes I’m in Iran wearing a hijab. In thirty minutes I’m a heroin addicted. Am I happy? Take a deep breath. In thirty minutes I see my whole life and I end it. The world is too crazy. The desert in Namibia is really beautiful. Need to learn how to drive. Suddenly I’m forty years old. So tired! Saw a news about improving actions to increase health care to Saudi women. In thirty minutes I shave my hair and start smoking again.

In thirty minutes I’m black. In thirty minutes I burn the office to the ground. I shout at the HR manager. I should have drink more coffee. In thirty minutes I’m working at a bar in New Zeland. Need a feet massage. Want a tattoo. Message received. In thirty minutes I’m pregnant and making the father’s life a living hell. I don’t want a child.

In thirty minutes I hit someone with a baseball bat. In thirty minutes I’m a whore, a communist. In thirty minutes I’m drowning. I quit drinking. I’m in Vietnam. Let me change my whole life. I miss Berlin. Getting old feels horrible and awesome. I should have masturbated before leaving home. I need to buy more bracelets.

In thirty minutes I live a whole life. In thirty minutes I feel everything that is out there and inside me. In thirty minutes I believe I can change the world. I make a revolution. I make decisions and speeches. I am a feminist, a soldier, a mother, a man. I hit on the pretty boy next to me. I cry for my ex-affairs. I read about politics, great romances. I hope to have a nice day at work. I hope big changes are coming soon. I hate myself for not doing more for society.