Roadside Assistance

4:16 pm. I’m sitting here, stranded on the side of the road. My roadside assistance provider calls to tell me my tow should arrive in two hours.

I’m blocking some people’s driveway and they’re waving at me to move so they can park. I’m sticking out into traffic. On the wrong side of a blind curve. Two hours??? Really??? I’m seriously concerned I might be hit by someone coming around that blind curve too fast… especially after the sun goes down… in twenty minutes or so.

I explain all this to the girl on the phone. She mentions I have the option to call another tow company and her company would reimburse me.

My mind wanders to my checking account balance. I’m not sure I can cover the cost of a tow. How much does a tow cost, anyway? And that would tie up my meager funds for a couple of weeks. I admit this to her, adding as an afterthought the fact that I don’t really have any way to find another tow company anyway… so I’ll just wait. Thank you.

“You don’t have a smart phone?”

“No… I’m on a flip phone….”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!”

She has more sympathy for my lack of a smart phone than for my being stranded, blocking someone’s driveway, jutting out into traffic, on a blind curve. Wow!

Welcome to the 21st century :)