The reason for this blog

As you may know (or just found out), I will shortly be moving to Ireland. This will be my fourth (or fifth if you want to count my first move to Ireland and back to ND as two instead of one) international move in the last 13 years. I’m very excited, but also sad that once again I have to leave people behind. Experience has taught me that I am not the best — and I mean this as a euphemism for I am terrible- at keeping in touch. To make up for it, I have decided to start this blog. Here, anyone can follow my adventures as I shed my Dutch life and settle into my new bucolic one. As opposed to the two other blogs I have started and abandoned, I am not writing this to try to further my ambitions as a writer. I am writing to keep in touch.

The big move is very close now, only three weeks away! Fortunately, I have managed to take care of all of the important things (read Luna’s very expensive travel plans) and only minor details are left to arrange (read packing).

Luna is ready to go

Moving countries takes a lot of hard work. “Hi, do you speak English?” “Uh…only a little.” I have had this conversation more times than I care to remember in the last month, while trying to cancel my internet, my mobile, my health insurance, my OV-Chipkaart (for public transport), my liability insurance, my electricity, my life — no wait, I still want that one! If you think it is no fun calling customer service to get help/technical assistance, imagine calling them to tell them you don’t want to give them any more money — in a language they claim not to speak properly. It leads to mistakes like my phone contract being terminated by July 12th instead of July 31st as I had requested (after a lot more excruciating time on hold, I managed to have them push the date to the end of the month — but I haven’t received a confirmation yet, so who knows if I’ll have phone service on Monday?).

Then there is, of course, everything related to making sure my belongings can come with me. It started with calling moving companies and being shocked at the outrageous prices they charge for their basic one cubic meter groupage deal and almost ended with me kissing all my savings goodbye again. Fortunately, I am surrounded with wonderful people, like Menno, who gave me moving boxes, and Paul, who saved a Europallet for me, and Jo, who offered to drive my things all the way to Ireland. So I can breathe easy and know that all my mementos will stay with me. If they don’t break on the way there, that is. It’s a good thing my lifestyle has helped me to develop mad packing skills.

In summary, only three weeks to go and I still have a lot to do!