Why I’m going to run

Something that I’ve always dreamed of doing is to run marathons around the world. But right now, I’m in square 1 (or maybe square 2) and I need to work up to that goal eventually. I’ve done 5Ks before and I’m about to conquer a 12K on Sunday and then eventually I hope to run a half marathon with almost the same ease as a 5K. Now, I know this is going to be a long way for me to go, literally speaking (as in distance wise), physically, and mentally. But I am determined to run a half marathon by the end of 2017.

One of my friends jokingly asked me if I am doing this for social media and that’s why most things are done these days, which is something that I can condone (sometimes).

But to me, running is a healthy way to push yourself. It’s amazing to see one’s progress into running a mile without stopping to running 5 miles comfortably. You start off telling yourself, “Just keep going, it’s just a few more minutes” and pushing yourself with the same words and before you know it, your run is over. And I hope that I can get to the point where I can keep pushing myself mentally and physically to hit that 26 mile mark.

It’s also an escape from reality for me. I’m no doubt one who gets overwhelmed easily and gets caught up in all of the things I have to do. So, running in the middle of the day for me is just a way to relax myself both physically and mentally. My mind is cleared and my body just feels more relaxed after I go on a run. I wish the 30 minutes or longer could go on for more of my day, so why not let that distance accumulate?

Running is something that I am also okay with being alone with. I would call myself someone who is extroverted, so I get energy off of other people. It is difficult for me to enjoy my times spent alone, but with running, it’s different. It’s almost therapeutic. My mind is in a good place and not wandering off into the millions of worries that a 20-year-old could possibly have.

So, I’m doing this as a stress release, but I’m also doing this for myself. I like who I am when I run and I hope this translates into other aspects of my life.

And I know this feat is not going to be easy. I still have to build up my endurance and also will myself to do this. But let’s not think about the difficulty of the next few runs or the stressful times that can get in the way just yet. I’m going to take it one run at at time and see myself go further in this journey.

See you at (roughly) 9am, Redwood Shores!

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