Why Permanent Lip Makeup?

Lips are a vitally expressive and defining part of the face. The appearance of the mouth can make or mark a person’s image, and the rightly enhanced lips can lift the simplest of faces and make it look striking and glamorous.

No wonder we labor away at reshaping, outlining, and filling in our lips to make them look luscious and youthful. Yet, the results may not always raise the lips to the full and attractive level we want. Permanent lip makeup is the answer for anyone worrying about the shape and look of their mouth. Herein, the desired shape and color is simply tattooed on to get the desired appearance.

Lip Augmentation

Permanent makeup on the lips can help in numerous ways, such as:

Plumping the lips — Rare is the woman with thin lips who does not crave for a full and luscious pout, but you don’t have to keep hoping for results from the natural lip plumping recipes or resort to filler injections and surgery. Permanent makeup can make the lips look fuller by creating a natural-looking outline beyond the natural edge of the lips. Redefining the shape of the lips is also useful for correcting the symmetry of the lips or getting a wider or narrower shape as desired.

Defining the lips — A lip liner tattoo is what you need to give a definition to the lip line. You can choose to permanently define the shape of the lips in a color similar to the rest of your lips or even opt for something different. The lipliner is shaded into the lip to enhance the contours without looking unnatural. Uneven lip borders can be balanced during this procedure as well.

Coloring the lips — If you don’t want your lips to ever look bare, full lip color can make it look as if you are always wearing lipstick. This completely eliminates the fear of lipstick bleeding, smudging, or smearing in any manner. You don’t have to worry about refreshing or reapplying the lipstick all the time either. The technique is especially useful for lips that look too pale, have lost colour, turned dark, or have scars. You can opt for a neutral shade on the lips and touch them with any lipstick color you wish. If you go for a dramatic tone, just lip gloss is needed to enhance them further.

In sum, Los Angeles permanent makeup can enable you to fill out your lips, balance their shape, just make them look naturally defined. Light coloured lips can be given a peachy pink tinge if you so wish. But this is semi permanent makeup and will last for a year or two when done by the right hands. The pain is mostly masked by anaesthetic creams and the full effect will be visible after a week. A little touch-up may be needed as well.

Now you can be confident of your attractive pout and ‘lipstick’ that will never wear off!