Faith in College Treatment

Our group video will be on the subject of “Faith in College.” Most of student population that attend the various colleges come with a belief in a higher power. Whether its Christianity, Islam, Buddhist or even Atheist, everyone is classified as something. With that being said our video just the study of how students North Carolina A&T State University operates with their various belief systems.

The video will start with the definition of Faith. We will break down both the literal definition (Webster’s) along with the biblical definition as well. With the introduction of both meanings, the viewer will what is man’s interpretation along with God’s perspective of faith. As the video continues, we will examine how faith is challenged on college campuses. Examples that will display the temptation include parties, class, hangout spots (café, gym and student union). Afterwards we will highlight the importance of prayer by giving personal testimonies from students and

From there we will look into the presence of God in college by interviewing students who have lived a life of sin and then found God during college as well as students who are a current victim to temptation. This display in contrast will give the viewers of our video both a positive and negative outlook on faith which should make them question their decisions in college. The church that will be spotlighted will be The Citadel of Praise which is a campus based ministry. We will interview the pastor to see how he has impacted college students and how this ministry has changed the campus.

The last big part of the video is how faith affects finances, academics, family and relationships. After we touch base on those subjects with students, faculty, the directors of the video Jerrell Leeper, Alexis Bell, Andre Turnbough & Arianna Riddle will close the video by giving their take on faith in college and how making this video has changed their opinion on faith or reassured their position in whatever they believe in.