Miss America Racism

Ok, so I do not follow beauty pageants because I find them a little much. I mean, I love Miss Congeniality and Little Miss Sunshine, they are both in my top movie list, but I just can’t wrap my head around showcasing and ideal image of beauty. But hey, some people can’t wrap their head around me being black and listening to heavy metal. It is their choice and I would fight for them to keep that choice… Anyways, an Indian-American woman from New York won the crown on Sunday night. I am actually very happy for Nina Davuluri representing us people of color.

And she is really pretty and smart. She is a 24-year-old, was on the dean’s list and earned the Michigan Merit Award and National Honor Society nods while studying at the University of Michigan, where she graduated with a degree in brain behavior and cognitive science. I mean, this chick sounds amazing!!!

So she has had a lot of backlash for winning from Stupid and Ignorant less than intelligent Americans. They have talked about her skin tone, how she is a terrorist, wondering how an Arab won so soon after 9/11.. the list goes on… First of all, She is Indian. Come on! Like I say, If you are going to insult someone, do it right. You can’t just assume she is something that she is not. And I am sure they have said that she is Indian. Second of all, She was born in America. If we are going to just kick people out of contests because of their ancestors, no one would be able to be in it except Native Americans… Third of all, I need people to realize that all brown skin people are not terrorists.

It really bothers me that people automatically jump to these accusations. they even talked about her dance. She did a bollywood inspired dance during the talent section. (here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh_0PzIsv5g). I think it is great that she is doing something that shows her heritage. It was beautiful.

Nina Davuluri had since brushed off the comments she has been receiving. I think that makes her a better role model than she was already. Anyone that can brush off racism is good in my book…

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