My Take on Colorism

The light skin/dark skin debate is disturbing. I actually was a bit oblivious to it until I was at work and it happened upon me. The whole light skin vs. dark skin thing is something that should not exist.

There is this girl at work that always mentions that light skinned people are this or that. I do not consider myself light, so I had no idea who she was talking about. Then she called me and two of my other coworkers light and then proceeded to bash light skinned people. Another day, I was the lightest person in the kitchen at work and she mentioned her prejudice about light skinned people and kept insinuating/motioning to me. One of my coworkers then told her that I was not in fact like that stereotype and that she was wrong. (Mostly because I am white washed, but that is a different blog post).

One thing with her whole perspective is that a lot of light skinned people do have a sense of entitlement and that they are better because they are light. There is skin bleaching its to make yourself lighter.

The white ideal is key. In popular media, The rise of the light skin people is upon us and the only dark skinned girl that people can look up to now is Lupita Nyong’o.

While dark skinned girls are used in modeling, they are not used for much else. Dark skinned guys, while still having the stigma, do not have it as hard as women do. Light is Right in the eyes of society. I swear this stuff makes me sick. I don’t understand why we are trying to make ourselves lighter and white people are trying to make themselves darker. It seems like the more we try to fit their ideal, the more they try to it ours. They know that darker skin is beautiful but they try to brain wash us into thinking it isn’t. Remember that woman that was addicted to tanning. She was about 50 shades darker than myself.

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