Nonpoint Music Review

Nonpoint/“The Return”/Metal

When you think of metal bands, what bands come to mind? Anthrax? Slipknot? Korn? Well, Nonpoint should be one of those bands. After 17 years in the music scene, their eighth album “The Return” carries on their musical legacy. The lead singer’s raspy and commanding voice, the powerful guitar riffs, the amazing bass line, and the drumming that replaces your own heartbeats will make you proud to be a metalhead.

This album pumps up the action and makes the heart race. Right from the start, a guitar powers through a riff that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Having “Pins and Needles” as the first song was a great idea, I couldn’t stay still when I was listening to it or the other songs. It just seemed to keep going uphill from that point.

In my opinion, the song’s title track was the best song on the album. Elias Soriano’s voice just made the whole song so personal. Boasting “I always knew you’d return right back to me”, you can feel the raw emotion of someone who was hurt, but is now the person who has all of the power. I could see myself playing this song in my head when someone has screwed me over, knowing that they would grovel at my feet wanting to get back into my life.

Elias’ voice wasn’t successful in every song though. His voice sounded as if it was strained in a few songs. After so many years of yelling and growling, your voice starts to go. Singers like Chico Moreno from the Deftones and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith have had their voices in jeopardy from screaming or yelling. For the most part, his voice adds to the overall environment of the album. The atmosphere that the band tries to go for with every album seems to change with the time period and sound that is around. They achieve this while also creating their own sound, but whether that sound is good or not is a different story. On this album, it didn’t quite hit that mark all the time.

All in all, I give the album 3.5 stars out of 5. The album was really good, but some of the songs did not fit the singer’s voice. He sounds as if he is struggling in some songs and the guitar often overpowers his vocals. Having been around for so long, it is great that they can still make great music. Their sound has really matured since their first album and, even though I prefer their older stuff, this album did showcase their talents. I would recommend this to people to listen to, mostly because the music will get you hyped up. It would be great to add to an impact playlist while lifting weights.

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