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I’m Tyeshia Newman, I’m Arianna Riddle. And I’m Chelsea Cagle

The first topic we will be discussing is the Mike Brown Case. Mike Brown was an un armed 18 year old who was killed by a white police officer. There was a trial on whether the officer, who’s name is Darren Wilson, would face charges and recently he was indicted.

· Topic 1- How do we feel about the indictment?

· Topic 2- There have been a lot of protests all around the world in the last few days after the indictment was announced. Do you think that the protests are actually doing anything?

· Topic 3- President Obama has stated that he wants there to be more body cameras on officers. Is this going to be effective?

· Topic 4- How has racism become more apparent since this shooting happened on August 9th?

Speaking of Racism, there is a movie that is coming out that features an all-white cast even though there are a lot of Egyptians in the story.

· Do you think that Hollywood is purposely trying to whitewash history? (discuss)

· There also is a criticism about the new Peter Pan movie coming out because the Native American character Tiger Lily is being played by a white actress who beat out an actual native American actress. (discuss)

· On another side of this race in movies issue, There was also a big outrage about a black actress playing Rue in the Hunger games and now there is one about a black actor playing a storm trooper in the new Star Wars movie. Do you think that it is a good thing to add black actors to white cast to make it more diverse? Do you think the outrage is a little overboard?

In other news, Bill Cosby is still being targeted by women who claim that he sexually assaulted him.

· How do you feel about that?

· Do you think there is any truth to these stories?

· If these stories are true, do you think anything will happen even though the incidents happened so long ago?

· Is the fact that a lot of networks are pulling Cosby’s Past and Future work from their programming a little overkill?

A GOP communications director came under fire for comments she made towards Sasha and Malia Obama’s appearance during the Annual White House Turkey Pardoning. She said that the girls needed to show more class as the president’s daughters and to not dress like they were going to a bar. The communications director resigned yesterday.

· After seeing Sasha and Malia dressed, do you think they dressed provocatively?

· Even though she apologized, do you think it was because she was sincere or just in trouble?

In a recent interview on the Today Show, Janay Rice, the wife of ex-NFL player Ray Rice, says that they are not sure if Ray will ever return to playing football and that her husband told the truth from the beginning. She also went on to say that the NFL and It’s commissioner Roger Goodell covered their butts in response to the media backlash.

· Do you think that the NFl handled the situation the right way?

· Ray Rice is eligible to play for the NFL again and is available immediately if signed to a team. Do you think he should be able to come back?

Also in Sports: On Sunday, five St. Louis Rams players walked on the field with using the “Hands up, Don’t shoot” gesture. The NFL has denied requests from the St. Louis Police Officers Association to discipline players that did the gesture.

· Do you think the players should be disciplined?

· The Police Association wanted the players and the NFL to come out with a formal apology, is that necessary?

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