Safe Onlie Meet-Ups

It is the age of technology. Nowadays we can do just about anything with our phones or computers: buy groceries, read books and even date. Through online dating, we can talk to someone and share our lives with a stranger. Pretty soon there is a point where the two people decide to meet up. This is a scary, nerve-wracking thing. Figuring out where to meet up, what is safe, making sure the person you are talking to is real, making sure the person isn’t a serial killer. Before you can think too far into the future, you have to take the first step.

Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting Up

1)DON’T meet up at someone’s house/apartment/condo/etc

·When you meet up at their place or at your place, you are setting yourself up for things that shouldn’t happen. First of all, You do not know this person and they now where you live or you know where they live. You don’t know what kind of person they are. This is too intimate of a setting to enter into when you are just meeting someone.

2)DO make sure someone knows where you are

·Just in case something happens, it is great to have someone know where you are. It is more out of a precaution. You do not want people to hover over you at all times but you don’t want something to happen and no one knows where you are or who you are with.

3)DO go somewhere public

·You can still have an intimate first date while being surrounded by people. Again, you don’t want to put yourself in situations where you are in danger. You have to look out for your well-being and be safe.

4)DON’T get too intoxicated or high

·One or two drinks to loosen up is fine but getting plastered will only make it easier for you to be taken advantaged of and it will make for a horrible first impression.

5)DO remember that First Impressions are everything

·You don’t want to look like you are trying too hard or too little. Dress for wherever you decide to go. If you are going to a fancy restaurant, dress up. Just don’t look like a clown in a mini dress. If you are walking in the park, dress down a bit, just remember that sweatpants are not sexy.

Here are some ideas for places to meet up that are safe, public and fun:

Coffee Shop

Even if you don’t like coffee, a great place to meet is a coffee shop because it has the right amount of intimacy but still has the public factor. It is also very casual. Talking is encouraged and it inspires minutes to hours of sharing. It also makes for a great starting point of a date. You can start off at a coffee shop and if that goes well you can transition to somewhere else, like a park or a movie.


Sometimes it is good to unwind after a long day or to just loosen up a bit. Drinking too much is a bad thing but a conversation over a few drinks is relaxing. Also, a great bar with great beer/drinks could make for a great place to meet up more than once.

Someplace that you both have an interest in

If you are both nerdy, a comic shop would be a great place to meet up and nerd out. If you are both into art then a museum would be a great place to discuss favorite artists and pieces. If you both like the outdoors then a walk in the park would be a great place to get in touch with nature and each other. Just find a mutual interest and act on it.

With whatever you decide to do, be sure to remember to always be safe and a little bit cautious. Online dating does not have to be scary and meeting up with someone can be amazing. Just have fun and open your mind to new possibilities. Have a fun dating life!

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