School And Work Article

Going to school and working at the same time can be very hard. It becomes even harder when it is college and working full-time.

According to, the amount of class hours correlates with the amount of hours a person is in the class and the amount of time a person should spend studying outside of class. If someone is taking 12 credit hours, that is 12 hours outside of class a week that they have to spend studying. If a person is working full-time, this leaves little time to sleep.

Full-time student and work, Shelby Watson, has had many problems with this arrangement. “I try to study, but sometimes I work too much and get tired. I need to get enough sleep to function.”

Watson is a full-time worker at a restaurant and goes to North Carolina A&T State University. She has classes that go from 9am-3pm and she goes into work from 4–11pm. This gives her 10 hours to sleep and study. In order to get a good 8 hours every night, this gives her two hours to study every school night.

Another full-time student and worker, Graham Maffeo, has it harder because his schedule is inconsistent. Maffeo works for a catering company and his hours change with the day. “Some days I do not have time to study because I work until 1 or 2 in the morning and I have to wake up early for class.”

According to’s College section, there are many things that a person can do to handle working and going to school full-time. The main focus of the story was to make sure to have a support system and to treat school like a job. Doing this helps a person’s mindset and lets them become a little more at ease because they know that there are people helping them.

“The only thing that helps me get through the week is knowing that my friends will help me study on the weekends before we go out,” Watson said. Her and her friends spend every Saturday afternoon together drinking coffee at a local bakery and doing homework. “ It helps us all out and it lets me feel like I have a life outside of work and school.”

Maffeo prefers to study by himself, but treats school like a second job. “If I don’t treat school like work, I treat it like a hobby and let it go to the wayside. I would love to graduate on time.”

According to, there are not that many people who graduate when they work and go to school full-time. When they work full-time, they see a growth in their work and promotions. This can be very enticing and will pay for their loans that they have already accumulated. Maffeo was offered a manager position because he is good at his job, but he declined this position because he wanted to finish school. “I would rather graduate with a degree (More)

I want and in debt than settle for a job just for the money.”

Though school and work can be hard on a person, in the end it can be rewarding. Both Maffeo and Watson have adjusted to their lifestyles. They are doing well in school and they wouldn’t change it for anything. Though full-time work and school is not for everyone, sometimes people can make it work.