The Virgin Record

These days there seems to be one thing on people’s minds: SEX. From television shows talking about teen pregnancy or strange sexual practices to magazines advertising how to have a great sex life while in turn sexualizing young celebrities. There is just one thing that we have to ask ourselves: Is anyone not having sex?

In today’s society, virginity seems like a distant notion. Kids are getting pregnant younger and it is assumed that people have sex whenever it is possible. It seems like everyone strives to lose their v-card and gain recognition as a sexual being. Virginity is fleeting. Whenever there is a virgin on a show or movie, they are either a nerd or a hardcore Christian. If they are not one of those two descriptions and they still have that bit of purity, their friends are trying to get them to have sex because they are a loser that can’t get someone to have sex with them. There are whole movies that have this premise.

Virginity cannot just be something that a person chooses to hold on to. It is something that needs to be explained. “I am a virgin because God has a plan for me.” “I am a virgin because I need to wait until marriage.” “I am a virgin because I have never had a partner.” Why can’t people just hold on to their virginity because they want to or they want to be different? Why is it that whenever we find out someone is a virgin, we automatically assume that they are religious or a loser? What is so big about being a virgin anyways? Why do we strive to get rid of something that we can never get back just for the sake of not being labeled something horrible?

In a land full of sex, there aren’t many people who choose to be different. It is hard to try not to join in the ranks of sexual beings. We try so hard to fit in to society and herd ourselves with the rest of the flock instead of spreading our wings and trying to fly away from societies standards.

Virginity, my dear friends, has become a rare occurrence and virgins are a rare breed…

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