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A peek inside our day-to-day work with Rust and open source game development

As you may know, Embark has used Rust as our primary programming language since the day we started the studio. We love the safety and robustness of Rust, and the ability to write high performance, safe, and (mostly) bug-free code. It enables us to fearlessly refactor and change the code, without common lifetime/ownership, memory safety, or race condition problems.


Summarizing the pursuits-in-progress of the brightest and best.

Hackers are always working on something new. WAYWO — What are you working on?

Click a title to view the original WAYWO post for each project.

1. Renaissance: Musically-controlled computing

I’ve been known to talk to, and even sing to, my computer. Sadly, it doesn’t result in much. Until now.

This week, Stefan Aleksić (one of the brilliant minds behind Cosmos browser) brought us Renaissance, the program that lets your computer be moved by the music. In the sample video [which, regrettably, cannot be embedded, but is linked in the title] shows Stefan controlling his mouse by playing notes on his violin.

Seems cool…


Summarizing the pursuits-in-progress of the brightest and best.

Hackers are always working on something new. WAYWO — What are you working on?


Starting this week, I’ll be browsing the Hackathon Hackers WAYWO Facebook group for the top projects of the week (usually determined by number of likes), and writing about them. As available, I’ll be talking to makers about their projects. You can view the original Facebook posts by clicking on the title.

1. A Christmas app for Mom

This week’s most-liked WAYWO post was an app from the heart. Hacker Kevin Xu made an iOS messaging app for his mom for Christmas. …

It’s almost the end of another year. Instead of getting nostalgic and thinking of the past, I’m taking full advantage of the time off and doing a full-reset. I’m moving in one direction — forward. How? Everything new.

Setting the Scene

Today, I’m leaving for New York City, the largest city within a few thousand kilometres. I’ve been there only once before, for an organized event. The little time I did have to explore was spent gawking at the looming skyscrapers. You could say I’m far from comfortable in the city.

However, in the spirit of adventure, I’m going. I’m going alone. …

That one time Oxford subtly redefined the hacker, for the better.

The word “hacker” poses some issues in the tech community.

When trying to cross the US border last year, one of my teammates let slip the reason for our trip: a “hackathon.” I’ll let you imagine the face of the confused and concerned 50-something border guard, whose head, I’m sure, was filled with NSA and security leak alarms.

I’m sorry, sir. I don’t think my hack that weekend, Tweet-A-Loon, compromised any confidential national data.

Then there’s the folks who sound something like this:

hi can u hack the hotmail i need u 2 hack johns account passwrd plz urgent.


On Euler, equations, and existentialism.

Originally published in September 2013.

Math is beautiful. Everything is math: simple, elegant, efficient math. You don’t like math? Good luck surviving without it. Interest, sports stats, and cooking all come down to mathematics. Don’t worry, math is good. It’s not subjective, and it will never lie to you. It’s a great friend to have around.

I’m not asking everyone to be passionate about mathematics, but I definitely appreciate those who are. One of those passionate people is my honours calculus professor, Dr. Charles Roth. Today, he introduced what he called “The Most Beautiful Formula in Mathematics”. I credit him…

Originally published in August 2014. Some information is now out of date.

Programming of any kind is notorious for having a steep learning curve, but I certainly couldn’t predict some of the quirks that came up when beginning Android development.

If you’re looking to get started, prepare yourself for some surprises. If you’re a seasoned developer, take the time to look back and laugh.

1. Getting started is a week-long process.

You might think you’re ready to roll. You’ve downloaded Eclipse and you’re pumped to get programming. But wait, it’s making me download a plugin. Oh, my SDK isn’t up to date. Oh, I can’t use that…

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