Sailing on the Hackership, week one

I learn to code, because I want to be a programmer. For a while, I’ve been doing it in various contexts, most importantly with the Rails Girls Berlin (beginner workshop, project group, hackdays), and also in one-day workshops organized by Open Tech School Berlin, CSSclasses, and, just yesterday, ClojureBridge.

The next thing I’m now doing is a program called Hackership. It’s self-directed learning by working on a project of my choice, with people who are doing the same, and coaches, for nine weeks.

There was an onboarding day, four days of learning, including two workshops on Git/GitHub and Debugging, respectively, a hackathon - and next thing I know, the first week is over.

What can I say?

The atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Most people on this Hackership batch are more experienced programmers then I am. I am still very much a beginner.

The hardest part of doing self-directed learning while being a beginner is, that a lot of times, you first have to find out what the steps you need to take to achieve your goal actually are, before you can take them. Most of the time, there will be different possible approaches to a problem as well. So I find myself trying to put a bunch of things together conceptually, but not feeling like I have much solid knowledge of any of them. Confusion at multiple levels is a common thing for me these days.

After my first research phase, the next task shall be: picking one of the basic problems and actually writing code to solve it.

Looking forward!

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