Raw Vegan Foodie Journey & info you deferentially want to check out!

Image by @dbluemoonlight

The first three weeks on this Raw Vegan path were amazing. But on week four and five shit hit the fan. I had a friend over for almost two weeks, we drank a lot, traveled and ate out. It wasn’t difficult to stick to the diet at first but latter on I started craving hot meals and salty foods.

Under the influence of alcohol I might have had some meat.

Some of the hot delicious meals I consumed include Thai dishes, soups, bread, sandwiches and for non raw drinks — coffee and hot coco. Of course I noticed a huge change not only in my body but also in my energy levels. My energy was lower than usual, I felt heavier and a little upset at myself for not trying harder. I was especially upset for braking the promise I made to myself to stay Raw Vegan for 14 weeks.

Portobello Mushroom Burger with lettuce, red pepper, avocado, brown tomatoes and homemade raw hummus mixed with fresh garlic and chives. For dessert — Carambola, commonly referred to as starfruit. Image by @daniela.j.arias

It’s all good tho! Because I’m back my friends! I’m a 100% Raw Vegan and loving it!..again.

Cool Fact: Eating simple/clean foods makes your body go through a detox phase which can be gross because you are excreting built up mucus from many parts of your body (skin, nose, mouth, ears) as well as through urine and stools.

When I first started this Raw vegan diet I though I needed insane amounts of fruits and veggies to be able to function properly but that quickly changed when I started paying attention to how I was eating, how much and when I was eating. The conclusion is that I’m verily ever hungry and when I do eat I don’t need to eat large amounts of food. I also realized that the amounts of foods I was eating and the speed at which I was eating them has a relationship with avoiding emotions, feelings and facing past trauma. I ate and ate until I was uncomfortably full, so it makes sense to me now that my body and mind were using lots of energy on digesting food while putting emotions at the end of the list of things to deal with.

With that information I decided to do a five day water fast. It was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait for the next one! A lot of feelings came up and I was very emotional. I also felt calm and was able to focus a lot better on school work. During this time I did lots of research on self development and of course the Raw Vegan lifestyle. I had the opportunity to revisit old books and learn more information from people I have been following on social media for quite some time.

These are some wonderful people that are very important to me . They have had a great impact in my life and have been great guides through my journey. I hope you can find them inspirational as well!

Dan McDonald

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Teal Swan

Ali Washington

Jason Schmitt

Christopher Ryan

Elizabeth Gilbert

Jenny Lawson

Brené Brown

Thich Nhat Hanh

Corinne Fisher

Krystyna Hutchinson