Building Products Around Circumstances

The jobs-to-be-done framework is a tool for evaluating the circumstances that arise in customers’ lives

Products we are using today are the result of circumstances that happen in our daily life. Circumstances may leads to interruptions which blocking our ability to progress.

Can your product solve the interruption?
  • In what circumstances this feature will eventually be used by them?
  • How can it remove the interruptions?
  • How do we optimise the feature to fit the Jobs to be done?
The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it’s selling.

Different situations, different circumstances but same interruptions

The food people want when they are hungry in the middle of traffic is different with someone hungry and alone in the house. People stuck in traffic want a simple food that they could buy while on the road, plus it should be easy enough to eat in driving mode whereas that guy at home might be thinking to get well rounded pizza considering the size, it would stays longer, so when he gets hungry anytime soon, he won’t be ordering another food. Just grab the pizza over again, if it’s still there.



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