Application of Total Quality Management

How the principles of Total Quality Management are likely to change your life?

In a world full of possibilities, authority does not always lie in the hand of majority. Rather, its quality over quantity. We as an individual, or a society be at the verge of falling in a trap, even in the most usual circumstances. However, our life can be way better if only we choose to practice our learning & integrate principles in our life more often. After all, its no-one else but a person himself who has the most influence upon him, unless he let others have it.


Business Process Re-Engineering refers to the examination & redesigning of business process. It is incorporated so as to bring forth desired changes in the outcome. Precisely, we cannot expect the outcome to change unless & until we change the methodology.

Consequently, in our lives, we cannot expect thing to change unless we change ourselves. The path we choose to reach our desired destination needs to go through the process of re-engineering if it fails to work out. For instance, if I aim to become a lecturer, I will set my strategies for the batch based on their response rate. If I see more of under-confident students, I will make my approach more presentation oriented so as to bring them forward and get them to overcome stage fright more often or else, they will remain under-confident & wouldn’t be able to get a change by the end of course.

Employee Involvement:

Being a business student, I’ve always found studies stressing upon customer satisfaction the most. Undoubtedly, it is the ultimate goal of the organization. But how can we expect the result to change unless & until we fully involve the people working for it?

Consider the example of NUMMI (National United Motor Manufacturing Incorporation) that cultivated the culture of employee involvement and end up making the best workforce out of the same workforce that was considered the worst earlier. Like wise, we can adopt the habit of involving people around us to end up decisions with mutual consensus. This idea is not limited to the culture of an organization as to how much diverse it is. We live in a society with people of various ethnicity around us. If we mingle with them, and get to know them better; Perhaps, we can create a much peaceful environment with freedom of speech & practice by respecting each other’s view.

Poka Yoke:

The term Poka Yoke refers to Mistake Proofing. Poka Yoke is a quality assurance technique aimed to eliminate defects in a product by preventing or correcting mistakes as early as possible.

But is the idea of Mistake Proofing only limited to the domain of manufacturing? Certainly not. Poka Yoke has the capacity to be infiltrated in our mind so that we do not wait for the consequences & see if it turns out to be a success or disaster. Rather, we must observe, brainstorm, implement better options, and monitor our progress towards the goal at the earliest.

Lean Kaizen:

Lean is an approach taken to eliminate waste. Meanwhile, Kaizen refers to a continuous improvement approach. In entails achieving small incremental changes in a process in order to improve effectiveness, efficiency & quality.

As the resources around the World are getting exhausted, we an individual must act responsibly to save the resources, and do not let them get wasted. Everyday in restaurants & hotels, we see tons of food dumped in the garbage after an event. That isn’t any less of a waste as some people in our own country die everyday due to hunger. Kaizen has the capacity to bring improvement in system. If we as an individual strive to bring improvement in ourselves rather than pointing finger on others, we can become much better of a person that we are today. Remember, charity begins at home!

Ice Berg Model:

Though in Total Quality Management, Ice Berg Model is used to highlight the effects of cost of poor quality. The tip of the iceberg demonstrate the inspection & rework cost. Meanwhile, below the ice berg or to say the relatively invisible cost are that of losing customer loyalty and low sales.

If we implement the ice berg model in our lives, we can get to see a lot more problems that we actually think are. Consider the example of Ramadan Bill passed recently highlighting a 3 month imprisonment & fine on those who eat publicly in Ramadan. It is quite clear that it has received a negative response from most of the Muslims only. It is because there are people who work in the scorching city to earn a living, and those of old age cannot fast & definitely need to intake at least water. But how about the Non-Muslims who are not even obliged to fast and have to abide by the rule? Our country is already running high religious intolerance. Such kind of law can further out rage the minorities as we complain of beef ban in India, ban on full-face-veil in France but choose to pass such ridiculous law ourself.

Conclusively, it can be rightly said that the application of the concept we learnt in Total Quality Management has a broad application if only we choose to see, and care to make things better around.

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