The Multiracial & Multicultural Takeover

Finally, let the games begin.

It was announced today that Trevor Noah will be taking over The Daily Show for Jon Stewart sometime later this year. I, as a long standing member of the mixed/mulatto/half&half/”other” club, welcome and applaud the news.

Enough of the white guys already. Enough of the late night hosts who’s name begin with Jimmy, Jimmy, and James. Granted, it would have been awesome to see Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Aisha Tyler, or Amy Schumer behind the desk. A woman would have brought a much needed face and voice to the late night comedy airwaves. But that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen. And that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on the positive angle of this late night adventure Comedy Central and Trevor Noah are embarking on.

Before we can get a woman(aka Hillary Clinton) in The White House, we had to have a multiracial and multicultural president in Barack Obama. Same goes for late night TV apparently. (Let this also serve as a stamp of approval for Mrs. Clinton even with the e-mail snafu)

We are moving into a multi-cultural, interconnected, global world. A world where information can be accessed, shared, and learned from your fingertips and earbuds regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or class. And we know the world isn’t all good or all bad, but we are always fixated with the negative. Why can’t we be champions of the good? Let’s focus on the future and how we can start enabling ourselves to approach problems with unique and optimistic minds that don’t just put people either in the black race or the white race, but with visions toward THE HUMAN RACE.

According to a National Geographic piece published in 2013:

“We may be a pluralist nation by 2060, when the Census Bureau predicts that non-Hispanic whites will no longer be the majority. But head counts don’t guarantee opportunity or wipe out the legacy of Japanese-American internment camps or Jim Crow laws. Whites, on average, have twice the income and six times the wealth of blacks and Hispanics, and young black men are twice as likely as whites to be unemployed. Racial bias still figures into incarceration rates, health outcomes, and national news…

This is what we are working toward. This is what we must prepare ourselves and our children for. A world where white folks must check the box that puts them in the minority category. But also a world where the income gap still looms large and the way you look can get you locked up in prison regardless of your guilt.

Trevor Noah is the next chapter for late night TV and it’s only the beginning.

Plus, everyone has a crush on mixed folks. Just ask Rashida Jones or Drake.

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