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Billy def needs his reps, looked like he was reading a lot and the jokes were not natural. From a looks perspective — I like the set and am fine with the background laughter (ala Olberman), loved the selvedge and those lows (gustin sienna?). That look though of the unbuttoned button down over tee was very distracting. To the show, I enjoyed the banter with Charles and watching Affleck lose it was fun. Nothing interesting was learned though, this was just regular talk. Your comps are to Maher and Oliver, there you are entertained but always learn something (even if you vehemently disagree). No one will continue to watch a 46 year old talk like 20 year olds did in the mid-90’s. On Grantland Show you had Zach Lowe dropping BOMBS. I’ll keep watching but the level of dialogue and Billy’s TV skills need to improve.


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