Different Kinds Of Sportswear Fabric (Get To Know About Various Sportswear Fabric)

Sportswear fabric is a material which is light weight as well as comfortable. It is very crucial to choose that sportswear which has the tendency to make you feel comfortable during your workout. The fabric of sportswear plays a prominent role in different kinds of exercises and sports. The Sportswear Fabric manufacturers produce various fabrics for different activities. For instance, you need fabrics like cotton/polyester and spandex for stretching and yoga, fabrics like nylon or cotton are good for cardio exercises like aerobics and running because these kinds of fabrics can blend the moisture easily and keep you dry during workout. Now I’ll discuss about some kinds of sportswear fabric. Browse us more!


Mesh is a kind of fabric which has some tiny holes in it. This fabric can be about 85%material and 15% tiny holes. The weight and size of holes of mesh fabric can be different. This kind of fabric can be useful in sportswear because it is very comfortable and stretchable and the tiny holes in this fabric allow the air to reach the skin. The holes too can be of different shapes.


Neoprene fabric is foam like synthetic rubber which is made of chemicals named Polychloroprene. This kind of fabric is water resistant and used for water sports. People who stay in water for long time use sportswear made of this fabric as it doesn’t let the water enter inside your suit.


Bamboo is a kind of fabric which is natural, light weight, comfortable, moisture wicking and breathable. It protects you sensitive skin from harmful UV rays as well. This fibre can be blended with organic cotton and spandex. This fabric is so effective that even if you spend your whole day in workout, at the end of the day you will feel dry as well as sun protected.


Nylon is silky soft and sweat wicking fabric. It absorbs sweat quickly and is breathable. Nylon is a common fabric and you can find it in most of the most of the sportswear. This kind of fabric is produced by almost all of the Sportswear Fabric Manufacturers.


Spandex is a very stretchable fabric. It can stretch to almost 600 percent which is really huge. It can also be blended with other fabrics. If you’re wearing sportswear of spandex fabric then you can easily exercise without worrying about anything.


Cotton is a kind of fabric that almost every individual wants to wear it. It is beneficial in sportswear as well. This fabric is very lightweight and breathable, and it can be blended with many other fabrics. It also absorbs the sweat. Visit us today!