Hello Dear Farmer !!!

Anytime I think about a farmer I think of a redneck/hillbilly/countryside man. I am not the only one that has this idea in their head. The truth is most people underestimate a farmer. Some typical stereotypes for a farmer are older, male, Caucasian, poor, dirty and uneducated. More often than not people tend to believe the stereotypes of a human being instead of getting to know who they truly are. A true farmer is a man or woman that is involved with agriculture and growth of living organisms for food/raw materials. They are in charge of making field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, and other livestocks.

farmers and the old way of farming

More than 200 years ago farmers were seen everywhere and were seen with pride. Back in this time 90 percent of the U.S. population lived on farms and produced their own food. Time was crucial for farmers and their work with production. Farmers used to have to work by hand or with horses which took up a lot of time. They had a lot of land to work with but had to work in small portions at a time so they could manage the crops they made. Not only was production different but also in the way animals were raised. Dairy cows did not always produce so much milk because the farmers did not know how to make them comfortable or much else for that matter. Chickens once roamed around since there was so much land. The problem with this though was it made things a lot easier for the chickens to get diseases which then made the people sick. Even through all these past methods farmers were always seen as the big dogs not the underdogs.

The new way of farming

Farmers today are nothing like they once were, or at least that is what society makes it seem like. Like I said before 200 years ago there was over 90 percent of farmers producing food and now there is only 2 percent of food that gets produced. This includes fruits, vegetables, meats, and diary. Technology has made the biggest difference on farmers in the last few decades. There is now tractors, biotechnology, etc. Back in 1940 one farmer could only feed 19 people however now with the new technology one farmer could help feed over 155 people. Next farmers are able to work a lot faster with tractors instead of horses and different equipment for picking the food. I was reading an article on farmers from back in the past and in the present time when I saw something on cows and I found it so interesting that when cows are comfortable and treated with care they produce more milk. As I continued to read I saw stuff about chickens, saying that they now get raised inside a closed area, which they say can help pervent diseases and other harmful things such as pretators I do not know how true this may be but if it really is true then I think it is a great start to change. One last fact that I want to include is seed techonology. Seed technology has changed thanks to biotechnology. Now seeds are able to stand in harsh and crazy weather, this meaning that food can be created all year around.

Now that I have just laid down a thousand facts about farmers, I think it is time that I express my opinion about them as well. I feel like a lot of people in society think of farmers as lower class and weak but in reality they are really smart. They know different strategies to growing food, without a farmer there would be no food. Farmers are not treated fairly when it comes down to their jobs. Corporations have taken over all ways of production and it is now being treated in the wrong way. Foods are not made the way they used to be made. Now there are pesticides, which is not good for anyone, and animals are stuck in their own filth/feces. A year or so ago I watched a documentary on how animals are raised on farms and I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing for that matter. I saw that chickens were getting fed way more than their bodies could handle that their legs would snap. Here is a video showing how chickens are treated. Then I saw that cows are stuck in their own feces which then causes humans to get diseases from the meat. Not only is this an issue for people eating that meat but it ruins the integrity of the farmers having to work in those conditions. It makes them push their moral values aside if they want to stay in business.

I then read an article for a class and I again could not believe the problems farmers are always facing (Click here for the article). They have debt that they are so far under in that they feel like the only way to get out of it is by committing suicide. Of course this is not a logicial solution. It is like a domino effect because the debt does not go away it just means it will fall onto the next family memeber and so forth. I understand that production is a huge deal for everyone but without the right way of doing it then there is no alternative but to start over. Hopefully it will not be too late.