Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

Seriously! A CHILD should just wear what the “f” they want?!?! The new policy was in regards to school girls, not grown women. Although, I disagree with the reason why the school is enforcing this rule (grown men should not look at young girls sexually. PERIOD.) Parents or schools restricting a child to what she wears are a form of love and protection.

As a child, she does not understand her body nor her emotions. There’s peer pressure. She is normally very insecure because she does not know herself. She does not understand that she is a sexual being and how to own it. A person develop these understandings as a grown woman. A young girl that is wearing short shorts, receives attention from grown men to boys, and thinks it’s as “cool”, does not understanding every action has a reaction, positive or negative, regardless if she wanted it, asked for it, or not.

No, it is NEVER her fault if a grown man acts on these sexual thoughts. However, when you are young, you are innocent and can’t interpret it that way. Therefore, of course, if you are a grown woman and have some type of awareness of self, then do as you please! However, a child needs rules to protect them. It is all out of love.

P.S. This applies to little boys as well.