30 things that will make you happy


What really makes you happy? Is it when everything in the world seems right, when you’ve got all your ducks in a row? Or maybe you feel happiest when you go back to your roots, surrounding yourself with people, places, and things from your childhood. But if you didn’t have the best childhood, what then?

People talk about The Pursuit of Happyness (yes, I’m making a reference to that Will Smith movie, it’s good, you should watch it). Are we really pursuing it? Or are we hoping that somewhere along the way we do something right and things fall into place? I guess it depends on your attitude.

Some people I know seem like they try to see the best in people. They look like they love their job, they actually enjoy taking public transit (for sleeping, reading, and people-watching of course). So how is it that I can’t find the same enjoyment in every aspect of my life?

Does this mean I’m an unhappy person? Well, no I don’t think so. Sure I’m sad, mad, and bitter sometimes, but aren’t we all? Some people just hide it better than others. Does that make them happier?

For me, my happiest moments are when I want to freeze time. I’m not happy all the time, but is anybody? I think that happiness is instantaneous. You need to adopt a “live in the moment” philosophy to really feel its effect.

Here are some moments when you might feel happiest:

  1. When you know you did something right
  2. The tight hug and light kiss of reunion when you’ve really missed someone
  3. Your pet’s reaction when you get home every day; their unconditional love and droopy side lip
  4. Getting into bed after a long day’s work
  5. Listening to your favourite song when it comes on
  6. Laughing at your car when it can feel your emotions and plays songs that reflect what you’re thinking
  7. Having someone cheer you up
  8. The feeling of cool, dry sand between your toes on a hot day
  9. The crackle of bubbles as you slide deeper into the bathtub
  10. The fireworks in your mouth when you pair the perfect ingredients together
  11. When you impress someone else
  12. When you get compliments
  13. When you can finally buy that new toy that you want
  14. When you had a good night’s sleep
  15. When you spread good karma
  16. When someone sincerely thanks you or commends your on your excellent work
  17. When equality is a reality
  18. When jokes are actually funny
  19. When you make a new friend
  20. When you reconnect with an old friend
  21. Fresh linens
  22. Warm baked goods
  23. Snuggles
  24. Getting your paycheque
  25. Eating food
  26. When your parents make your favourite meal purely because they know you love it
  27. When you first start a TV series that you know you’re going to get hooked on
  28. When all the dishes are clean and the floor is vacuumed
  29. When someone you look up to gives you some great advice
  30. That breath of fresh air when you open the bathroom door after a long, steamy shower

What makes you happy? Here is someone else’s list. Add yours to the comments.

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Originally published at arielcoverage.ca on October 15, 2015.