Reverse bucket list


It’s easy to list what you want to do. Here’s a challenge: consider what you’ve already accomplished. You might surprise yourself. That is exactly what reverse bucket list is. Try it.

This is my reverse bucket list:

Travelled to Trinidad

Travelled to Barbados

Co-piloted an airplane

Travelled to the Dominican Republic

Went on a glass-bottomed boat

Sailed on a catamaran

Reached year 2 of Pathfinders, all the way from Sparks

Started teaching myself how to code

Earned my brown belt in Karate

First part-time job

Travelled to England to visit family and go sightseeing

Went to Disney World

Had 5 different pet rats

Participated in community theatre for 4 years

Taught myself how to play guitar

Learned to play the oboe

Played in 4 different high school bands

Graduated from high school with a grant

Went to prom

Met the love of my life

Got into university of choice in my program of choice

Moved away from home

Got an entrance scholarship to university from excellent high school grades

Started a blog

Long distance relationship for 4 years

Graduated from university with a BA Honours

Moved in with my boyfriend

Got a post-graduate job

Bought a car

Adopted a dog

Got a better post-graduate job

Got a real grown-up job

Bought a house

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Originally published at on February 23, 2016.