You don’t flirt with a woman in public wearing headphones. Or a woman working out at the gym (or outside a gym). Or one working in a cafe. Or one who’s working a service job at an establishment you frequent. Or a woman in your workplace. Or at your kid’s school. In fact, when it’s clear the **primary** objective of the environment is NOT being sociable, let alone romantically sociable, you just don’t do it.
How to Flirt with a Woman Wearing Headphones? (Hint: Don’t)
Charlotte Clymer

I used to be a salesperson at a retail store. I would be disappointed when a cute guy wouldn’t hit on me while I was working. I’d witnessed it happen to so many of the other girls it felt like I was an ugly duckling for *not* getting that kind of attention. Until I realized that the kind of men who would go out of their way to flirt with a woman at work are not the kind of men I want to attract. All of the girls who got hit on were annoyed by it happening/creeped out by the men who did it. They literally weren’t able to complete their jobs because men wouldn’t leave them alone. It even got to the point where we would use code names and enact safety protocols to keep women from being stalked and harassed. I would never hit on/want to be hit on in an environment that is not only not about being sociable, but puts more than one person in a potentially awkward situation.

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