Yet another “how we successfully launched on product hunt” post

I swear, I didn’t want to publish another post of this type. I thought that people are tired of reading each and every story of each and every successful launch. 
Apparently, I was wrong. Just a couple of days after the launch I got the first email asking me for tips, I took the time to answer and thought that our businesses are in similar spaces, so him wanting me to share my experience is an exception. After I had got the second, third, and fourth emails, I decided to share 11 steps we took to achieve a relatively strong launch for a B2B tech product like ours, ~500 upvotes, 39 comments, finished 3rd on January 13th only to Amazon and Opera.

You are probably launching soon, so instead of wasting your time, here are the 11 steps that helped us launch Coralogix:

  1. Become a part of the Product Hunt community, upvote, comment, share, and interact. Don’t like Product Hunt? Well, maybe this is not the platform for you to launch in.
  2. Have your “Thank you for hunting us” comment ready, work on it and make it perfect, don’t make it up on the spot.
  3. Upload about 2 hours before 00:00 PST, That way if you get featured on 00:00 you already gained some traction.
  4. Have 30–40 people lined up to upvote once you’re on and don’t send them all at once, do it in bulks of like 10 every 15 minutes, and don’t ask them to upvote (it’s just not cool).
  5. Join all PH groups worldwide and add a few friends from each, upvote other people’s products and say hi in each group. On the launch day, post your product in these groups, 1 group every few hours. Again, do not ask for upvotes.
  6. Have a plan for the launch day, so you won’t freeze in front of the screen, know when exactly you are going to answer comments, send a newsletter, post to groups, etc.
  7. Prepare a newsletter to your mailing list, make it short and valuable and don’t ask for upvotes. Something like a list of top 5 products this month and then mentioning that you are featured today will do the trick.
  8. Have a special Product Hunt landing page, don’t send people to your homepage. Like everybody, Product hunt users likes to be treated personally, let them know how excited you are about the launch, and if possible, offer them a special PH promo.
  9. Use a Gif inside the post but have a static thumbnail, I found it to work better, and your brand will benefit more from it. Not sure about how accurate this is but it’s just what I concluded from going over tens of successful launches.
  10. It’s OK to post a direct link, PH doesn’t care, and it’ll give you better traction. Trust me. It’s a fact.
  11. Take the time to thank each and every one who upvoted by Twitting to him. I have a tool that extracts the handles so you can email me at and I’ll gladly share. Oh and please please don’t automate the tweets, make them personal.

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